Integrating a new service

The process of integrating a new service is straightforward but each Operator has different requirements. Therefore this guide describes the general process of adding a new service but the SLA Digital team will guide you.

1. Preparation

Ensure that you are familiar with the Alacrity documentation and that your service will follow the guidelines defined in the User Journey Requirements.

2. Create the service

Add the service to Alacrity following the guidance on getting started. The service shall be reviewed by the Operator. Some Operators require a presentation and expected performance information before they will approve a service.

3. Sandbox testing

While the service is being reviewed you can progress to integrate your service in the Sandbox environment. Header Enrichment (HE) is not available in this environment but other APIs are supported.

Please ask the SLA Digital team any questions you have or contact them if you encounter issues.

4. Live Testing

When your service has been approved and is working in the Sandbox then you can migrate to live testing. This only requires a change in the authentication details used to switch from Sandbox to Live. If you have not already done so, you can create live API credentials on Alacrity at Manage > API Access.

The SLA Digital team can support you a limited number of tests if you do not have a testing resource in the target Operator's country.

5. SLA Digital Testing

For every Operator SLA Digital is expected to complete an end-to-end test of the service to ensure that it is integrated correctly and that it follows the User Journey Requirements. When complete a report is sent to the Operator to give final go-live approval. Marketing of the service should not start before go-live approval is provided. Any subscribers who sign up before this approval will not be billed so no revenues can accrue to the merchant.

6. Go Live

The merchant should work with the SLA Digital Account Manager to ensure that the operator's advertising rules are followed.