Supported Business Flows

The primary business flows which Alacrity supports are:

  • One off charge
  • Checkout (includes Two Click) and Hosted Button version
  • Pin Flow (OTP)
  • Pin Flow with Header Enrichment
  • MO SMS (subscription using SMS)
  • Bespoke flows (discuss directly with SLA)

The implementation of these flows will be described in later sections. However, each Operator has specific guidelines and limitations on what flow they will permit. The flows can vary depending upon the nature of a service so you should discuss the flows you will be using with SLA Digital.

The recommended flow is Checkout as it encompasses Pin Flow, Pin Flow with HE and Two Click in a single interface so that the integration effort is minimal. The Checkout page also has access to fraud prevention mechanisms which should reduce the likelihood of customer complaints.


All Operators have a complaint threshold and a service which causes too many complaints shall be blocked.