Vodafone Ireland

The main difference between Vodafone Ireland and other operators is the Checkout Flow. For Vodafone Ireland the flow has been updated to support the sending of an SMS to the customer MSISDN which requests that the customer respond with Agree if they wish to complete their subscription.

Merchants must provide a support email or telephone number. This should be displayed in the welcome SMS and in your landing page.

For details of request and response parameters please consult the API Reference.

For Subscription creation only Checkout is supported.

One off charge services are not impacted and work as with other operators.

Typical Subscription Create Flow with Checkout

  1. User visits a landing page and selects to subscribe to a service
  2. Merchant uses the Checkout Flow
  3. Merchant receives a response from Checkout which shows that the subscription is in a pending state - the customer has not agreed to the subscription. The response will contain the customer's MSISDN.
  4. Alacrity sends an SMS to the customer requesting their agreement
  5. The customer responds with an SMS which says Agree
  6. Alacrity creates a subscription for the customer
  7. Alacrity sends an HTTP notification to the merchant to confirm that the subscription has been created for the customer MSISDN
  8. Merchant sends a welcome SMS using the send SMS API



The customer has 24 hours to respond with Agree. If a customer subscribes again before sending Agree within 24 hours then this subscription attempt will override the earlier one. The customer MSISDN should be used so you can relate on a user base not a transaction base. You do not receive a correlator.

As described in the Checkout Usages Example Checkout will manage Header Enrichment and/or Pin flow.


Redirect the customer to http://checkout.sla-alacrity.com/purchase

Include the following parameters in the query string:

merchantThe merchant URI that identifies your merchant and can be obtained via the Alacrity portal.stringmandatory
serviceThe unique URI for your service which can be obtained via the Alacrity portal.stringmandatory
redirect_urlYour URL that we will automatically redirect the customer back to after checkout.stringmandatory
localeThe language code as defined in ISO639-1. The chosen language will be used to display the UI.stringoptional
correlatorA unique string for this transaction.stringoptional (mandatory only for Telenor Myanmar, Axiata Dialog)

If any of the above parameters are missing you will be returned to your redirect url as below (except if redirect_url is missing).


auth_method can also be sms_pin_csms if pin flow is used.

If the customer sends an Agree SMS then the merchant shall receive a http notifications such as:

Content-Type: application/json

       "uuid": "c537bf6a-8603-466c-9eaa-bf6d3faed28c",
       "merchant": "partner:02c76113-0ca7-4aed-88e2-75267bf85e82",
       "campaign": "campaign:940d351138df895e8dedf51e5d7b90788cdc23d0",
       "next_payment_timestamp": "2019-01-30T04:46:38.904Z",
          "timestamp":"2016-07-08 04:40:15 +0000",


A user can unsubscribe from a service using any of UNSUB or STOP or STOP. The keyword should be the service name.

However "STOP" will unsubscribe the MSISDN from all services it is currently subscribed to